Since 2009, paradox pizza has been specializing in thin crust, east coast style pizza. It’s a great spot where moab locals and visitors can enjoy a variety of specialty and build-your-own pizzas, fresh salads, homemade dressings, desserts and breads. The restaurant provides a comfortable and friendly atmosphere for dine-in and pick up orders.

The folks at paradox pizza enjoy getting to know their regular customers and meeting people who are visiting from out of town. The restaurant serves a lot of european visitors throughout the summer months, and italians have been particularly vocal about letting paradox know how much they enjoy the pizza. “The best review is to get italians loving your pizza.”

Paradox provides a variety of baked goods, of which the new york cheesecake is the star. Susan kittler, the founder of paradox pizza says, “The recipe used at paradox is my great grandmother’s. She worked for families from new york city who had summer homes at the jersey shore. Her cheesecake is the original new york cheesecake.”

Paradox pizza is conscientious about its impact on the environment. The restaurant uses corn-based, biodegradable plastic products, recycles and saves food waste for local farmers. Their flour is from central milling in logan, utah and the sausage and meatballs are made in house using meat from the local ye ol’ geezer meat shop. During the summer the restaurant uses local basil, tomatoes and other seasonal produce from castle valley farms and manzana springs.

Paradox pizza also offers delivery service from north of the river and south to rim village.

Stop in soon. The staff at paradox pizza look forward to serving you.